About The Book

In A Book of Bullies you will find a whole cast of bully characters - the Tough Guy Bully, The Comedian Bully, The Cool Girl Bully, The Gossip Bully and more. If you have ever known a bully you will probably find them in A Book of Bullies.

Meet Some of The Bullies

A Book Of Bullies

The Tough Guy Bully

He thinks he's strong, he thinks he's tough, 
he'll beat you up and take your stuff.
Sometimes a girl and sometimes a male, 
this bully will probably end up in jail!

The Cool Girl Bully

When you buy a new outfit and wear it to school and think you're looking very cool She'll fix you with a cold, hard stare that moves from your toes to the top of your hair.

"I wouldn't wear THAT if I were you. You're much too FAT!" She'll smile and coo.

This kind of bully entertains
by calling other people names.
He thinks it's funny and amusing
to be hurtful and abusing.

The Comedian Bully

The Message

You CAN make the world a much better place, with just a kind word and a smile on your face.